Trout Fishing

November 28, 2006
By: Tyrell Smith
Pennsylvania Trout Fishing Can Offer Big Rewards And Unique Experience
Trout fishing in Pennsylvania is as varied as the types of fish. The Keystone State offers stocked areas as well as protected and wilderness areas. A large number of these have easy public access as well as lodging, camping, and boating facilities. There are literally thousands of approved trout lake, stream and river fisheries distributed throughout all 68 counties and a lot of these waters find their way through Pennsylvania’s expansive state park system.

Five species of trout can be found in Pennsylvania waters:
Brook Trout (Pa State Fish), Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, Golden Rainbow Trout, Lake Trout. See Chart

The three main classifications of trout fisheries are summarized below:

Approved Trout Waters:

These habitats contain significant portions that are open to public fishing and are stocked with trout on a scheduled basis. They are open to fishing only during trout season, and extended trout season.

Class A Wild Trout Streams:

These are streams that have a population of naturally reproduced, non-stocked, trout that are both large enough in size, and population to support a permanent and rewarding sport fishery.

Wilderness Trout Streams:

Wilderness Trout Streams are based on the idea of a wild, non-stocked, trout fishing experience in an unspoiled, organic environment where humans’ destructive habits and activities have been greatly minimized. This classification was created in 1969, and was originally designed to protect native brook trout habitats. To be classified a "Wilderness Trout Stream" all sections must qualify for the highest protection status provided by the Department of Environmental Protection.

You will need a fishing license to do any freshwater fishing in Pennsylvania. For trout fishing, you will need a fishing license with a trout stamp. Pennsylvania offers different types of fishing licenses to suit your needs:

  • Resident(Annual)
  • Senior Resident (Annual)
  • Non-Resident (Annual)
  • 1 Day Resident
  • 1 Day Tourist
  • 3 Day Tourist
  • 7 Day Tourist

Check out the Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission for fishing locations, maps, biology reports, regulations, license fees and much more.

Try your hand at some trout fishing in won’t be disappointed!

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